Kayla Leung for Sophomore Class President

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Hi! My name is Kayla Leung and I am running for Sophomore Class President.

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t figure out how to get into a Skype group? Who to contact? When there are events that you have no interest in going? Or don’t have the time? As sophomore class president, I have a solution to solve these problems. When elected, I will work to create a sophomore website/directory that is frequently updated, where you can easily find Skype contacts, the latest updates, and other club and service opportunities. Secondly, we will continue to have class events, a place for you to take a break from school and hangout with other students outside of class time. Events types will be decided by your survey response and what YOU want.

Why should you vote for me? I have a proven track record as your Freshman Class Vice President last year. Last year, I helped to create a set of TAA flashcards that were shown to help the class as a whole to score better on the exams. Outside of class, I helped to coordinate our class-wide spirit week survey and hosted/pioneered the first ever LIVE Adobe Connect movie night where we watched Interstellar together.

This year, I will continue working on improving these events. I’m here to serve you, the students. I will listen to your questions, concerns, and feedback and make your voices heard through communication with the rest of student government and the administration.

Vote Kayla and Faizah for Sophomore President and Vice President. We will get things you want done quickly and effectively. We care for you. And we run for you. Your vote counts, and most importantly, YOU matter. Thank you.

Your Vote Counts


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