Girls Can Code – Our New OHS Club


Girls Can Code is a club and program to inspire more girls to pursue more opportunities in computer science and engineering by showing girls that they CAN code, that coding is useful and fun and that there are other girls who share the same interests.

In the 1st semester, we will be doing Web Programming using HTML/CSS and Javascript to build a Web Site. Working in partnership with Codeacademy, we will follow their unit by unit programming courses together. Every week, we’ll start the club time off by discussing programming questions and problems that people may have encountered in that week’s unit lesson. The majority of club time will be devoted to working collaboratively to build an actual website from scratch for our club where we can spread the word of our mission statement.

In the 2nd semester we will be working with the physical world. We’ll use what we have learned about the web and bring it alive by integrating it with an Internet of Things (IoT for short) electronic project using Arduino, Raspberry pi, sensors, etc. We have yet to decide what kind of project it will be. But here are some cool examples of what I have in mind.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.00.49 AM.pngIf you’d like to learn more, please contact me through email ( or skype (kaylaskypehome.)

Our Website:

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