Kayla and Becca for Stanford OHS Student Body President and Vice President


Hey There!

We’re OHS Junior Class Officers Kayla and Becca and we’re running to serve as your Student Body President and Vice President. Between the both of us, we’ve had 4 years of SG experience as elected officers in Student Government. Our goal is to draw on our years of combined experience to improve OHS in concrete ways.

First, we will improve the accessibility of student resources by providing student tips, academic support, compiling FAQ docs on standardized test taking, college apps, list of best test prep books as well as info on class and club recommendations. Second, we’ll work on reforming events, assessing ways to fix existing ones, increasing participation, and introducing monthly school-wide Movie Nights and a year long Class Cup competition. Third, we’ll work to increase student-to-student interaction outside of class on top of ensuring constant SG-to-student communication by introducing the use of google docs as a public forum for all students to join in discussion and provide give suggestions. The more we can incorporate your feedback, the more OHS will benefit.

Over the past three years, we’ve taken great steps to positively contribute to the OHS community. From the class yearbook, to finals study groups, we’ve shaped the OHS experience academically and recreationally. You deserve candidates who will hit the ground running, who have the experience to lead Student Government, and who have demonstrated their responsibility and full capacity as prior elected members to serve as your next President and Vice President.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Kayla Leung and Becca Rose

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