Student Government: November Recap

Homecoming Court Nominations (11/6) Hosted by Freshman Class Officers

Which upperclassmen would you elect to reign OHS? Choose up to 4 nominees for Homecoming King and/or Queen. Vote for the junior or senior who you feel has made a positive impact on the OHS Community here. The results will be announced at the spirit week assembly, and the winners will be crowned at the dance!

Art Festival Assembly (11/10) Hosted by Board Chair of Arts

We will be having an art festival event for artists to showcase what they’ve been working on! Come see cool art, photography, as well as listen to music produced by OHSers! We hope to see you there!

Student Government Meeting 7 (11/10)

Fall Spirit Week (11/13 – 11/17) 

Spirit Week and you know what that means… Spirit Day Themes, eKudos, Superlatives, and Hidden Images!! Keep your eyes open for links to celebrate and acknowledge the things that make your teachers, classmates, and friends unique and special. Want to win some extra points for your grade, look out for Passive Participation! This year we will be hunting for loose alpacas roaming teacher’s slides. To see the details of all the activities happening this week click here.

Spirit Day Themes
Monday: Wear your grade’s school colors!
Tuesday: Wear the craziest, most outrageous hair possible!
Wednesday: Wear a wacky or weird outfit!
Thursday: Wear your oldest, most vintage clothes!
Friday: Wear your best Stanford Gear!

eKudos Categories
Monday: Teachers/Instructors
Tuesday: Staff/Advisors/Counselors
Wednesday: Classmates
Thursday: Friends

Class Colors
Senior: Purple
Junior: Blue
Sophomore: Red
Freshman: Green
7th Grade: Yellow
6th Grade: Orange

Class Cup Kickoff (11/13)

Do you think your grade has the most spirit? Now is your chance to prove it! Student Government introduces the Class Cup! It’s a year long competition between each of the grades (with all middle school students combined into one team) with points earned for attendance and participation in live and passive events. The grade which has the most points by the end of the school year will be recognized at graduation weekend for their accomplishments. Get ready, because scoring starts November 13th on the first day of Spirit Week!

International Student Assembly (11/16) Hosted by Junior Class Officers

For those interested in trying out the life of international students feel free to join us in the international student assembly at 3 am! We’ll be talking about how we can gain greater traction better club meeting times, office hours, making friends when all meetups are hundreds of miles (or should I say, kilometers!) away.

Spirit Week Assembly (11/17) 

Want to know who got nominated for Homecoming King and Queen? Or which class won the Class Cup? Tune in to the Spirit Assembly in the Student Life Room at 9 a.m. Today! There will be club presentations, Karaoke Madlibs, a presentation of the results from every Spirit Week related activity, and a to close a Stanford gear parade!

Homecoming Dance (11/18)