Student Government: The End of a Journey

“Student Government? What’s that?”

I remember asking some version of this question nearly four years ago when Laura, my first friend at OHS, was telling me how she was going to run for the secretary position in SG (back when that position existed rip). She also proceeded to tell me how awesome it would be for me to run for freshman officer. Me? In a leadership position? That seemed like a horrible prospect. Still, Laura was really insistent. The night before election applications were due, I filled out the entire form for the freshman VP position, but I *just* couldn’t bring myself to submit it. And so, I went about my first freshman semester with no thoughts of SG until spring rolled around and something unprecedented happened. Our freshman president left SG, and opened up a void in the VP position. The timing could not have been more perfect since I had by that time in the semester mustered up the courage to take on this position in SG, accompanied by lots of encouragement from Laura.

From there, I became pretty much obsessed with SG. For some reason, I guess my classmates thought that I was decent at this class officer thing and reelected me. For me, there was just something so refreshing and creative about being a part of SG where I was tasked with thinking of unique ways to address unique issues that OHS students faced that I loved. Sophomore year I got to pick out one of my best friends in Faizah to be my VP, and then again in junior/senior year with Becca. They both played such an upstanding role as my friend and VP. Without them I would have flopped so hard as president and I can’t thank them enough.

Both sophomore and junior year I also had amazing SBP/SBVP role models to look up to. Knowing already that I wanted to set myself up for being SBP my senior year, I took detailed notes on how to run each spirit week event, got involved in as many SG plans as I could, reflected on what ideas worked well and didn’t, thought about and tested out all the ways in which SG could improve towards serving my class and the larger student body etc…

SG gave me a goal all throughout the last 4 years to help make OHS a better place and that meant pushing myself outside of my comfort zones when it came to leadership and public speaking. I can confidently say that being a part of SG has shaped and improved me as a person in such a fundamental way that I could have never imagined.

And so on this day, following the end of my last OHS student government meeting ever, I wanted to share my journey and thank everyone that has been a part of it from Laura, Faizah, Becca, to everyone I worked with in SG these last 4 years, everyone that supported and put up with me as a Student Body President this year, as well as Audrey and everyone that wrote such sweet comments on our farewell gift.

Thank you. ❤️