#TurnTartan SCS Admitted Student Panel

Ever year, Carnegie Mellon hosts #TurnTartan in April, a full weekend of scheduled of events for newly admitted students to tour around campus, talk with students, learn about the programs they were admitted to and more. Around this time last year in April I was exactly one of the students in the audience listening to a panel of current students in the School of Computer Science answer questions about their life and experience at SCS so far. This year, I was able to actually speak on this same panel to an auditorium seated with prospective CMU SCS students and it was an amazing experience. From this blog, you already know that I love reflecting and sharing on my CMU journey so far and so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share this in-person with other students that I likely will run into on campus next year if they hopefully choose CMU!

that’s me on the far right!
panel hosted in rashid auditorium