A Very 122 Summer

I’m feeling real sleep deprived and sentimental, but here goes nothing.

If you weren’t already aware, I first took 122 my first semester at CMU. I assumed I would never be qualified to become a teaching assistant for the class just based on how much I initially struggled in it myself.

But today, after painting the fence with “15-122” at midnight, sleeping at 5 am, then waking up at 7 am to proctor then, finishing up final grading and C0VM office hours at 8pm, I can officially say I that I finished my first term working as a 122 TA and these last six weeks have been the best of times.

To Anne, I’m still not really sure what you were thinking hiring an inexperienced freshman to help you out over the summer, but I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity and experience the last six weeks to work as a TA for you. I already knew you were am amazing 122 TA, but sitting in on your lectures confirmed that you were an even more incredible 122 professor.

To my fellow TAs, thank you for accepting me and taking me under your wing as I endlessly asked about this question and that question being the complete newbie with no 213 background and was who was scared of accidentally doing or saying anything wrong. *insert confused party parrot here* And thank you also for all the times you guys came in clutch to save me at a solo office hours.

To my TA partner, I will never respect your food choices, but thank you for always making labs fun and lighthearted even if I was super nervous and uncomfortable the first time, a fact that I’m sure you will now roast me for, among your other terrible comebacks.

To my high schoolers, you guys were such a fun bunch to have the pleasure of teaching in lab. All of you are probably at least twice as smart as I was when I first took 122 and are undoubtably going to do great things even if some of you questionably open umbrellas indoors and randomly tilt all the computer monitors in the computer clusters.

I didn’t expect to discover how much I enjoyed being a TA and helping students the last six weeks, but I did and I’m incredibly grateful for this experience 🙂