100 Things I’m Grateful for in 2020

Without much necessary explanation, this year has been pretty terrible, for the world globally, but also for a lot of people personally. I too experienced some lows with the many things that I had dreamed, envisioned, and planned on accomplishing that just never came to fruition or simply got canceled. However, I readily acknowledge this year was still very kind to me compared to the significantly greater suffering of many others. I also realize that incrementing 2020 by one on midnight of New Year’s Eve won’t make all the failed plans and disappointment of 2020 magically disappear either. And so, even though I am probably one of the more pessimistic glass-half-empty people I know, I thought that for once, rather than complain about how awful certain aspects of this year have been, that I’d take this time to remind myself and list out the many things that I can still be grateful for this year.

  1. God
  2. my parents
  3. my family 
  4. my health
  5. my family’s health
  6. not personally getting covid
  7. not personally knowing anyone who has had covid
  8. being able to spend more time with my family
  9. my college friends
  10. my acf cell groups + acf
  11. my pre-pandemic roommate 
  12. my high school friends
  13. my ta course staff
  14. my recitations + recitation students
  15. my college advisors
  16. my senior thesis advisor
  17. you, aka people who care enough to read my blog
  18. democracy
  19. right to vote
  20. freedom of religion
  21. freedom of speech
  22. a roof over my head
  23. my own room
  24. job security
  25. financial stability
  26. electricity
  27. stable wifi
  28. cmu + my college education
  29. being able to stay at home and still go to school
  30. learning to be more independent
  31. learning more about God
  32. learning more about myself
  33. learning more about other people
  34. psychology classes
  35. cs classes that curve
  36. classes that double count
  37. finally installing and using vscode
  38. 2x speed 
  39. second gen apple pencil that don’t require having to awkward shove into the charging port
  40. finding my senior thesis project
  41. harmonious groups and group projects
  42. decent grades
  43. google
  44. return offer
  45. swag
  46. next year internships
  47. being mentored
  48. being able to mentor others
  49. coloring in stress relieving coloring books
  50. drumming on my new drum set
  51. breathing in cool fresh air
  52. 6am studying at starbucks before sunrise
  53. rays of sunlight streaming through windows in the morning
  54. chilly fall sweater weather
  55. crunching sound of stepping on fall leaves 
  56. snowboarding at seven springs
  57. philly spring break trip before covid
  58. doing my own quarantine haircut and not messing it up
  59. inside jokes
  60. laughing till my stomach hurts
  61. smell of coffee
  62. twinkle lights 
  63. polaroid photos
  64. slightly oversized soft hoodies
  65. long showers
  66. alone time
  67. spontaneous conversations
  68. sadness
  69. existential crises
  70. peace
  71. self reflection
  72. cute animated messenger stickers 
  73. custom reacts
  74. dark mode apps
  75. whiteboard tables
  76. my daily morning coffee
  77. mom’s home cooked meals
  78. chinese veggies
  79. vietnamese pho
  80. ramen noodles
  81. udon noodles
  82. spotify premium
  83. folklore
  84. evermore
  85. manic
  86. wonder
  87. brightest blue
  88. new wireless earbuds
  89. december 6th 
  90. drinking legally
  91. youtube videos with less than 3 ads
  92. discovering new podcasts
  93. being slightly addicted to animal restaurant
  94. reading lots of good new books
  95. being able to get gifts for others
  96. people who are still wearing masks 
  97. people who are still social distancing and quarantining 
  98. modern science
  99. covid vaccines
  100. 2020

I think being grateful doesn’t imply that these things cancel out the disappointment and low points of this year, nor should it be treated that way, but is at least can help me put into perspective everything that I can be thankful for and how much I also take for granted when I’m stressed or busy ruminating about how much better life could be. For me, working on this list and post has definitely reminded me once again what an incredibly privileged life I live. Hopefully if you’ve made it this far you’ve found this mildly helpful in terms of reminding you of the small things that life still has to offer even when we’re all trapped in our homes with no where to go and no one to see :’)