Application & Essay Advice

I specialize in consulting students intending to apply as a Computer Science major to the top CS universities in the country. I have experience with what a lot of these schools are looking for in their applicants and how to make your extracurricular activities and academics tell a story about yourself to these colleges.

If you’re here reading this and you’re a girl thinking about majoring in CS, I can *especially* share my insights on crafting a college application to top CS schools as a female and steps you can take in high school to best prepare you for pursuing a Computer Science major at a top university.

1 Hour Consultation Session, Skype: $50

30 Minute Consultation Session, Skype: $30

I’ve helped dozens of students review their essays and offered detailed constructive feedback on how to improve their essays quality to be admitted by Ivies and other top schools. If you can’t tell by this blog already, I love writing and so I want to help you present the best version of yourself to colleges.

30 Minute Essay Review Session, Skype: $40

Edited Essay, 500 words or more: $30

Edited Essay, less than 500 words: $20

I interviewed with six different top tier colleges when I was applying for colleges and I put a lot of planning, preparation, and research into these interviews. One of the most valuable things I found when it comes to preparing for these interviews is practice. I can help you present the best version of yourself to interviewers and prepare you for any curveballs or tricky questions they throw your way.

30 Minute Interview Prep Session, Skype: $30

These rates are some of the lowest on the market. Many other college counseling services will charge upwards of $80/hr.

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