Local Figure Skating Special Olympics Program

Recently, my skating club began calling for volunteers to help out with putting on a Special Olympics Figure Skating Program every week on Wednesday nights. As of now, I’ve helped out for about 5 weeks. It’s so exciting to see the participants improve so much and so quickly within this short span of time. They skate faster and faster each week and it’s becoming more difficult for me to keep up with them! Yet, somehow, I feel like I’ve learned more from them than they have from me. More updates to come. Continue reading Local Figure Skating Special Olympics Program

VBS 2015 – The Most Amazing Kids Ever

I went to help serve at this year’s VBS, which took place July 13th – 17th. We had a huge class of 21 seven-year-olds, but I was committed to remembering every single one of their names. I performed some of my origami ‘magic’ for them and got so many requests for origami flowers/hearts and paper airplanes. Seven is such an awesome age. It was amazing to watch their bright inquisitive minds at work, asking questions like “Why are humans more important than animals?” The entire experience inspired me to have a more open-minded learning attitude and to ask more questions.    … Continue reading VBS 2015 – The Most Amazing Kids Ever