Student Government: The End of a Journey

“Student Government? What’s that?”

I remember asking some version of this question nearly four years ago when Laura, my first friend at OHS, was telling me how she was going to run for the secretary position in SG (back when that position existed rip). She also proceeded to tell me how awesome it would be for me to run for freshman officer. Me? In a leadership position? That seemed like a horrible prospect. Still, Laura was really insistent. The night before election applications were due, I filled out the entire form for the freshman VP position, but I *just* couldn’t bring myself to submit it. And so, I went about my first freshman semester with no thoughts of SG until spring rolled around and something unprecedented happened. Our freshman president left SG, and opened up a void in the VP position. The timing could not have been more perfect since I had by that time in the semester mustered up the courage to take on this position in SG, accompanied by lots of encouragement from Laura.

From there, I became pretty much obsessed with SG. For some reason, I guess my classmates thought that I was decent at this class officer thing and reelected me. For me, there was just something so refreshing and creative about being a part of SG where I was tasked with thinking of unique ways to address unique issues that OHS students faced that I loved. Sophomore year I got to pick out one of my best friends in Faizah to be my VP, and then again in junior/senior year with Becca. They both played such an upstanding role as my friend and VP. Without them I would have flopped so hard as president and I can’t thank them enough.

Both sophomore and junior year I also had amazing SBP/SBVP role models to look up to. Knowing already that I wanted to set myself up for being SBP my senior year, I took detailed notes on how to run each spirit week event, got involved in as many SG plans as I could, reflected on what ideas worked well and didn’t, thought about and tested out all the ways in which SG could improve towards serving my class and the larger student body etc…

SG gave me a goal all throughout the last 4 years to help make OHS a better place and that meant pushing myself outside of my comfort zones when it came to leadership and public speaking. I can confidently say that being a part of SG has shaped and improved me as a person in such a fundamental way that I could have never imagined.

And so on this day, following the end of my last OHS student government meeting ever, I wanted to share my journey and thank everyone that has been a part of it from Laura, Faizah, Becca, to everyone I worked with in SG these last 4 years, everyone that supported and put up with me as a Student Body President this year, as well as Audrey and everyone that wrote such sweet comments on our farewell gift.

Thank you. ❤️





Student Government: December Recap

Student Government Meeting 8 (12/1)

Student eKudos/Compliments Submission Wall (12/1)

Student Profile and Contact Directory (12/4) Hosted by Board Chair of Communication & Outreach

Finals Study Study Groups & Community Discord Server (12/4)

It’s that dreaded time of the year – studying for finals. To assist you during this stressful time, Student Government is helping to form student study groups with a Discord Study Hall. Unlike Skype, its unique features of Voice Channels will allow you to join any study group call at any time. We anticipate this will make it much easier to have calls and voice conservation, overall providing more interactive and engaging student communication!

Pet Show-and-Tell Assembly (12/8) Hosted by Board Chair of SASS

What is the one thing that no one can resist?? We think many of you will agree that it’s squealing when a classmate or teacher brings one of their adorable pets on camera during class! Well, we have an amazing event planned for you dedicated to just that. On Dec. 8 at 11 a.m. Pacific, join us in the Student Life Room for a fun way to destress before finals study begins…A Pet Show-and-Tell!! Come on camera and introduce your pets to the rest of the OHS community! Or, if you don’t have a pet, just come and enjoy seeing (and squealing at!) the many cute, cool, and kooky pets of our OHSers. We hope to see you there!

Pixel Parcels Holiday Gift Exchange (12/8) Hosted by Senior Class Officers

Pixel Parcels is a Secret Santa style gift swap to give and receive a present from a fellow classmate. The deadline to sign up is December 15th, and your pair will be assigned to you on the 17th. Please send the gift by December 31st. Please note the gift’s value is not to exceed $15.

Instructor Spotlight Assembly (12/8) Hosted by Junior Class Officers

Student Government Meeting 8 with Heads of School (12/8)

Winter Assembly (12/15) Hosted by Sophomore Class Officers 

Share a Family/Holiday Tradition (12/15) Hosted by Middle School Representatives

We have such a diverse group of students from different backgrounds and cultures! Share your tradition through pictures, video, slideshow, or just talk about it. We’d love to learn how you celebrate the holiday season with your family. Your whole presentation should be no more than 1 minute long.



Student Government: November Recap

Homecoming Court Nominations (11/6) Hosted by Freshman Class Officers

Which upperclassmen would you elect to reign OHS? Choose up to 4 nominees for Homecoming King and/or Queen. Vote for the junior or senior who you feel has made a positive impact on the OHS Community here. The results will be announced at the spirit week assembly, and the winners will be crowned at the dance!

Art Festival Assembly (11/10) Hosted by Board Chair of Arts

We will be having an art festival event for artists to showcase what they’ve been working on! Come see cool art, photography, as well as listen to music produced by OHSers! We hope to see you there!

Student Government Meeting 7 (11/10)

Fall Spirit Week (11/13 – 11/17) 

Spirit Week and you know what that means… Spirit Day Themes, eKudos, Superlatives, and Hidden Images!! Keep your eyes open for links to celebrate and acknowledge the things that make your teachers, classmates, and friends unique and special. Want to win some extra points for your grade, look out for Passive Participation! This year we will be hunting for loose alpacas roaming teacher’s slides. To see the details of all the activities happening this week click here.

Spirit Day Themes
Monday: Wear your grade’s school colors!
Tuesday: Wear the craziest, most outrageous hair possible!
Wednesday: Wear a wacky or weird outfit!
Thursday: Wear your oldest, most vintage clothes!
Friday: Wear your best Stanford Gear!

eKudos Categories
Monday: Teachers/Instructors
Tuesday: Staff/Advisors/Counselors
Wednesday: Classmates
Thursday: Friends

Class Colors
Senior: Purple
Junior: Blue
Sophomore: Red
Freshman: Green
7th Grade: Yellow
6th Grade: Orange

Class Cup Kickoff (11/13)

Do you think your grade has the most spirit? Now is your chance to prove it! Student Government introduces the Class Cup! It’s a year long competition between each of the grades (with all middle school students combined into one team) with points earned for attendance and participation in live and passive events. The grade which has the most points by the end of the school year will be recognized at graduation weekend for their accomplishments. Get ready, because scoring starts November 13th on the first day of Spirit Week!

International Student Assembly (11/16) Hosted by Junior Class Officers

For those interested in trying out the life of international students feel free to join us in the international student assembly at 3 am! We’ll be talking about how we can gain greater traction better club meeting times, office hours, making friends when all meetups are hundreds of miles (or should I say, kilometers!) away.

Spirit Week Assembly (11/17) 

Want to know who got nominated for Homecoming King and Queen? Or which class won the Class Cup? Tune in to the Spirit Assembly in the Student Life Room at 9 a.m. Today! There will be club presentations, Karaoke Madlibs, a presentation of the results from every Spirit Week related activity, and a to close a Stanford gear parade!

Homecoming Dance (11/18)



Leading OHS Fall Spirit Week 2017!

In my last 3 years of Student Government, I’ve planned around this moment to organize and manage the biggest week-long event at OHS as Student Body President by ensuring that every spirit week in the past I was involved in/led a different committee so I would have a comprehensive understanding of the required tasks for each group and lead/delegate accordingly this year. I must say the preparation was incredibly helpful at the 2017 Fall OHS Spirit Week was a smashing success! As always, I designed the Spirit Week flyer, but for the entire Student Body this time, not just my class. With that being said, there’s always room for improvement and we’ll be meeting next week to discuss further ways we can better plan events for next Spirit Week!

fall spirit week 2k17 (1).png

Student Government: October Recap

Join Student Government! (10/11)

Interested in getting more involved in the OHS community? Apply to join Student Government as an unelected member! Meetings take place at 8 a.m. Pacific on Fridays. Unelected members will participate in discussions, propose projects, and vote like elected members. You can choose to serve in either Student Government generally or on a specific board. In addition, you can join Boards on Student Government to work on Board specific projects. The full list of opportunities are as follows:

  • Unelected Member
  • Board of Arts
  • Board of Communication & Outreach
  • Board of Club Relations
  • Board of Events
  • Board of Student Academic Support and Services

Student Government Meeting 4 (10/13)

Instructor Spotlight Assembly (10/20) Hosted by Junior Class Officers

Come join the October Instructor Spotlight Assembly to find out more about the lives of 4 of our fabulous OHS instructors. Find out more about what they like to do outside of class and the significant academic pursuits that these teachers have outside of school! We hope that it’ll be a way to de-stress before or after mid-terms, we promise it’ll be a blast!

Student Government Meeting 5 (10/20)

Halloween Assembly (10/27) Hosted by Board Chair of Club Relations

Come join us for fun activities, club presentations, and a costume contest at the Halloween Assembly. Costume contest categories are:

  • Best Overall
  • Most Original
  • Funniest
  • Scariest
  • Most Beautiful

Student Government Meeting 6 (10/27)

Student Government: Aug/Sept Recap

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party (8/27)

Planning to watch the solar eclipse this Monday, Aug. 21? We want to show off our global OHS community through this event! Submit photos of the eclipse from your perspective here.

Kickoff Week (8/28 – 9/2) 

Student Government will be hosting fun activities to encourage students to meet new faces or catch up with old friends. These events will include an online movie night, trivia, karaoke, open mic and more! See full flyer with dates and events. Events occur at different times each day so students can attend regardless of their schedule constraints. All events will take place in the Adobe Connect Student Life Room

Opening Assembly (9/2)

We’ll have an assembly to commence the school year and hear from a few students about their summer experiences and about various OHS opportunities, including the procedures for running for Student Government and joining a Club.

Student Government Elections (9/5 – 9/14)

  • Candidate Entry Forms Due (9/5)
  • Candidate Speeches Assembly (9/8)
  • Candidate Voting Period (9/8 – 9/13)
  • Election Results Announced (9/14)

Are you interested in getting more involved in the OHS community? Help lead the OHS by running for Student Government! Information about Student Government positions and the campaign process can be found in the OHS Constitution. Candidate speeches will then be given in an assembly on Sept. 8 at 1pm Pacific, and elections will be held immediately afterwards.

Student Government Meeting 1 (9/15)

Student Government Meeting 2 (9/22)

Student Government Meeting 3 (9/29)




Student Government Fall Elections

I had the hosting duties as Student Body President for the Student Government Candidate Speeches assembly this afternoon where we had 30+ candidates running for Student Government this fall talk a bit about themselves and their vision for the school. Lots of really exciting ideas and passionate studies, can’t wait for Student Government meetings to officially kickoff with the elected members next week!