Success! – Movie Night (Adobe Connect is the best?)

Currently writing this after the conclusion to our first ever freshmen movie night. There were many doubts and worries going into it and we had unique problems since this is an online high school. We also had the daunting task of showing a 2 hrs 50 min long movie (Interstellar). Many people advised me to use other unofficial means (i.e. skype) to host the event, but I really wanted the event to be official and easily accessible. (Since everyone is familiar with Adobe Connect) However, no one in the school had ever attempted to host a Movie Night within Adobe … Continue reading Success! – Movie Night (Adobe Connect is the best?)

New Freshman Class VP

The new semester brings new changes and I have been appointed as the new OHS Freshman Class Vice President. It’s an important job and I’m very excited to get started working on events and projects for the Freshman Class! The first order of business is to create a centralized freshman Skype group that is informative, helpful, sociable (but not spammy) environment. It’s a rather simple idea, but its just the first of many. Stay tuned. Continue reading New Freshman Class VP