Student Government Fall Elections

I had the hosting duties as Student Body President for the Student Government Candidate Speeches assembly this afternoon where we had 30+ candidates running for Student Government this fall talk a bit about themselves and their vision for the school. Lots of really exciting ideas and passionate studies, can’t wait for Student Government meetings to officially kickoff with the elected members next week! Continue reading Student Government Fall Elections

Stanford OHS Opening Assembly

As the Student Body President, I was tasked with planning and hosting our annual OHS Opening Assembly. I along with the Student Body Vice President organized over 10 student and teacher presentations on their summer activities ranging from working at a hospital in India to traveling to the Galapagos. Additionally, we presented on all things student life including how to run for Student Government and how to access Student Resources. Continue reading Stanford OHS Opening Assembly

Stanford OHS Kickoff Week: Mon. to Fri. Events

Everyday next week (Aug. 28th – Sept. 1st) Student Government will be hosting fun activities to encourage students to meet new faces or catch back up with old friends. I designed the following flyer for the events and I’m particularly excited for the completely new events we’re bringing in on Thursday and Friday. Can’t wait!     Continue reading Stanford OHS Kickoff Week: Mon. to Fri. Events

Stanford OHS Student Body President

Just officially announced: “The winners for Student Government President for the 2017-2018 school year is Kayla Leung and the Vice President winner is Becca Rose!” Absolutely honored to have been voted into office by the OHS Student Body and grateful for all the support we received. I’m beyond ecstatic to get started on everything I have planned. I’ll be working throughout the summer to gear up and prep for Student Government activities in the fall – can’t wait to get started! Continue reading Stanford OHS Student Body President