Student Government: December Recap

Student Government Meeting 8 (12/1) Student eKudos/Compliments Submission Wall (12/1) Student Profile and Contact Directory (12/4) Hosted by Board Chair of Communication & Outreach Finals Study Study Groups & Community Discord Server (12/4) It’s that dreaded time of the year – studying for finals. To assist you during this stressful time, Student Government is helping to form student study groups with a Discord Study Hall. Unlike Skype, its unique features of Voice Channels will allow you to join any study group call at any time. We anticipate this will make it much easier to have calls and voice conservation, overall providing … Continue reading Student Government: December Recap

Student Government: November Recap

Homecoming Court Nominations (11/6) Hosted by Freshman Class Officers Which upperclassmen would you elect to reign OHS? Choose up to 4 nominees for Homecoming King and/or Queen. Vote for the junior or senior who you feel has made a positive impact on the OHS Community here. The results will be announced at the spirit week assembly, and the winners will be crowned at the dance! Art Festival Assembly (11/10) Hosted by Board Chair of Arts We will be having an art festival event for artists to showcase what they’ve been working on! Come see cool art, photography, as well as listen to … Continue reading Student Government: November Recap

Leading OHS Fall Spirit Week 2017!

In my last 3 years of Student Government, I’ve planned around this moment to organize and manage the biggest week-long event at OHS as Student Body President by ensuring that every spirit week in the past I was involved in/led a different committee so I would have a comprehensive understanding of the required tasks for each group and lead/delegate accordingly this year. I must say the preparation was incredibly helpful at the 2017 Fall OHS Spirit Week was a smashing success! As always, I designed the Spirit Week flyer, but for the entire Student Body this time, not just my … Continue reading Leading OHS Fall Spirit Week 2017!

Student Government: October Recap

Join Student Government! (10/11) Interested in getting more involved in the OHS community? Apply to join Student Government as an unelected member! Meetings take place at 8 a.m. Pacific on Fridays. Unelected members will participate in discussions, propose projects, and vote like elected members. You can choose to serve in either Student Government generally or on a specific board. In addition, you can join Boards on Student Government to work on Board specific projects. The full list of opportunities are as follows: Unelected Member Board of Arts Board of Communication & Outreach Board of Club Relations Board of Events Board … Continue reading Student Government: October Recap

Student Government: Aug/Sept Recap

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party (8/27) Planning to watch the solar eclipse this Monday, Aug. 21? We want to show off our global OHS community through this event! Submit photos of the eclipse from your perspective here. Kickoff Week (8/28 – 9/2)  Student Government will be hosting fun activities to encourage students to meet new faces or catch up with old friends. These events will include an online movie night, trivia, karaoke, open mic and more! See full flyer with dates and events. Events occur at different times each day so students can attend regardless of their schedule constraints. All events will take place in the Adobe Connect … Continue reading Student Government: Aug/Sept Recap