Sophomore Yearbook 2015-2016

Today’s the last day of school! Thought I ought to create something for our class to remember Sophomore year by. These pages include spirit week and class events that were held this year as well as student quotes, many of which are in reference to HSC, and a two page nostalgic spread on how much we’ve grown and learned this year.



Sophomore Movie Night

Movie Night! Our last event of the year and my last one as Sophomore Class President. There was minimal buffering/tech problems using the new cast platform. I definitely prefer it to any Skype/adobe screen-sharing alternative. Comparatively, it was a much better turn out than last year and there was no lack of witty comments whatsoever. Overall a very successful night!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 4.40.25 PM.png

Happy Valentine’s Day + eRoses Craze

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m writing this as I’ve just finished up sending the last of the eRoses for this year. I was completely in charge of submission forms and organizing eRoses this year. Somehow… because of the crazy awesome class pride and competitive nature that we all have in Student Government, we ended up having a total of 1156, all of which were sent within a 4 day period. In the end, the class officers and everyone who helped out did a phenomena job getting all the eRoses sent out on time!