College Counseling

Hey! I went through the college application process nearly two years ago and since then I’ve given significant amounts of thought into the reasons why and how I got into the Ivy League, the #1 computer science school in the nation, a top 10 ranked college and I believe I know some hidden strategies for getting into the Ivy League and similar tier schools that I can share and will help you along your college application journey.


I was accepted into eight schools some with single digit admit rates:


  • Carnegie Mellon Computer Science (#1 in Computer Science) (5% admit rate)
  • Cornell University (Ivy League, #6 in Computer Science) (9% admit rate)
  • Duke University (#8 in National University) (6% admit rate)
  • Georgia Tech (#8 in Computer Science)
  • University of Maryland College Park [Honors]
  • University of Wisconsin Madison [Honors]
  • Purdue University [Honors]
  • Rutgers University [Honors]

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